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Giraffe Manor Hotel

29 Apr

Giraffe Manor Hotel

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Giraffe Manor, located in Nairobi, Kenya, is a unique hotel that offers guests an unforgettable experience with one of Africa’s most iconic animals – the giraffe. The hotel is situated on 140 acres of indigenous forest in the Langata suburb and is home to a herd of resident Rothschild’s giraffe.

The Giraffe Manor was built in the 1930s by Sir David Duncan, a wealthy Scottish businessman. The property was later purchased by Betty Leslie-Melville and her husband Jock Leslie-Melville in 1974, who decided to turn it into a sanctuary for the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe. The couple imported a breeding pair of giraffes from Kenya’s western region and started the Giraffe Centre, which later became the AFEW Giraffe Centre.

The hotel features 12 rooms, each uniquely decorated with antique furnishings and rich fabrics, offering guests a luxurious and comfortable stay. The rooms are spacious and offer stunning views of the Ngong Hills and the surrounding forest.

One of the main attractions of Giraffe Manor is the opportunity to interact with the resident giraffes. The giraffes roam freely on the property and often come up to the hotel’s windows to say hello to guests. Visitors can feed the giraffes from the breakfast table or the balcony, making for an unforgettable experience.

Aside from the giraffes, there are plenty of other activities for guests to enjoy during their stay at Giraffe Manor. The property offers guided walks through the forest, visits to the nearby elephant orphanage, and excursions to nearby national parks for wildlife viewing.

Giraffe Manor is also committed to sustainable tourism and supports conservation efforts to protect the Rothschild’s giraffe. A portion of the proceeds from the hotel go towards the AFEW Giraffe Centre, which works to protect and conserve the giraffes and their natural habitat.

Overall, Giraffe Manor offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience for visitors to Kenya. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or simply looking for a luxurious getaway, this hotel is the perfect destination.


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